How WINBACK technology works

Envisioning beauty and well-being from a scientific standpoint to meet your physio-aesthetic needs.


Thanks to its stimulating and draining action, tecartherapy provides real benefits as far as beauty and thinness are concerned. By acting at the heart of the skin’s ecosystem, the Winback energy has a unique anti-age effect that speeds up collagen synthesis.

Results are long-lasting and noticeable from the very first use.


Ageing is a process as decreased maximal function and reserve capacity in all body organs.

As skin ages it becomes, rougher, more transparent, slack, fragile, bruises more easily and develops wrinkles.

Youthful Cell

Aged Cell

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Regenerating Action (BioBack)

This is the action that reconstructs your tissue, such as your dermis. BIOBACK promotes intra- and extra-cellular exchanges between the layers of your skin, which will become firmer and more elastic as a result. Fine lines are reduced and your skin will regain its natural radiance.

Close-up on the technology: Winback causes a flow of ions with extremely rapid electrical oscillations within the cellular environment. These oscillations lead to a permeabilisation of the plasma membrane. This promotes intra- and extra-cellular exchanges leading to faster tissue regeneration.

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Revitalising Action (Thermoback)

The complementary action of THERMOBACK draws deeply on the active substances (nutrients, oxygen, etc.) which are directed towards the treatment area. The metabolic activity in the area enables rapid consumption of the active substances and their evacuation. But that’s not all, the ability to restart blood and lymphatic circulation helps the treated area to eliminate fat.

Close-up on the technology: By increasing Winback intensity, the natural resistance of biological tissues transforms the energy into heat (diathermy) that triggers circulatory flows to lower the temperature in the targeted area. The flow pressure on the localized area forces the vascularisation of areas of low irrigation (fibrosis, contractures) and restarts tissue movement, thus enabling removal of blemishes.